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         Family Conundrum
Our largest conundrum in assembling Southern Choate genealogy is determining the families of the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Generations. (i.e., children born between ~1740 and ~1865. I have spent quite a bit of time trying to get a good handle on these early Choates. If you go to the website under FEATURES on the right hand side you can down load a recent Choate Conundrum update.

         Narrative Histories
The Narrative Histories for the Captain William Thomas branch of our tree starting with immigrant Christopher [b.1642], his son, Christopher [b.1685], grandson Sabret [b.1730] and great-grandson Sabret [b.1762] and his great-great-grandson Richard [b.1801] are very complete. These provide the most complete and accurate information about this branch - part of the first five generations of the Choates of the South.


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1920 Arhtur Bouthillier
1920 Arhtur Bouthillier
"The flight of the Bomber Phyllis" tells the story of one of Art's WW2 flights. 
  1 Jul 2021


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Location   Last Modified 
Choate, William M. 
b. 27 Aug 1888   30 Jul 2021
Choate, James 
b. 29 Mar 1883   30 Jul 2021
Choate (m.Herbert), Marie Ozea 
b. 29 Mar 1881   30 Jul 2021
Guidy, Azelie 
b. 12 Jun 1865  Abbeville, Vermilion Parish, LA  30 Jul 2021
Choate, William Sr. 
b. 20 Nov 1849  St Martinville, LA  30 Jul 2021
Choate, John Hawkins 
b. 17 Jul 1790  Sumner County, Tennessee, USA  30 Jul 2021
Cameron, Sarah M. 
b. 23 Jul 1875   30 Jul 2021
Choate, Emmet Pickney Sr. 
b. 23 May 1870   30 Jul 2021
Choate, Anderson 
b. 26 Nov 1849   30 Jul 2021
Choate (m.Copeland), Verena 
b. 7 Juky 1876  Sequoyah District, Cherokee Nation  30 Jul 2021

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
 I813  William Choate, Sr.  I3931  Azelie Guidy    30 Jul 2021
 I2211  Emmet Pickney Choate, Sr.  I3930  Sarah M. Cameron    30 Jul 2021
 I3854  James Choate  I3855  Rosa Christenberry    29 Jul 2021
 I505  George Washington Choate, SR. 1/4 Cherokee - Oo To Te Jun Tak  I3927  E.C. Sanders    29 Jul 2021
 I505  George Washington Choate, SR. 1/4 Cherokee - Oo To Te Jun Tak  I2066  Caroline Elizabeth Sanders, 1/4 Cherokee - Alecy Tekiesky  Abt 1869  29 Jul 2021
 I507  John Childress Choate, 1/8 Cherokee  I592  Francis Louisa Foreman  8 Jan 1895  29 Jul 2021
 I327  James Brown Choate  I3093  Jenny Lowrey    29 Jul 2021
 I327  James Brown Choate  I3924  Charlott Sarah [???]    29 Jul 2021
 I327  James Brown Choate  I3923  S.C. Gunter    29 Jul 2021
 I3685  Anderson Choate  I3697  Loretta Jack  Bef 1870  28 Jul 2021