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         Family Conundrum
Our largest conundrum in assembling Southern Choate genealogy is determining the families of the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Generations. (i.e., children born between ~1740 and ~1865. I have spent quite a bit of time trying to get a good handle on these early Choates. If you go to the website under FEATURES on the right hand side you can down load a recent Choate Conundrum update.

         Narrative Histories
The Narrative Histories for the Captain William Thomas branch of our tree starting with immigrant Christopher [b.1642], his son, Christopher [b.1685], grandson Sabret [b.1730] and great-grandson Sabret [b.1762] and his great-great-grandson Richard [b.1801] are very complete. These provide the most complete and accurate information about this branch - part of the first five generations of the Choates of the South.


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1.2 Choate Conundrum - The pre-1865 Families
1.2 Choate Conundrum - The pre-1865 Families
The largest challenge in aligning ones Choate genealogy is the mixing of the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Generations of Christopher [b.1642] descendants. This document attempts to begin to sort these out... 
  13 Mar 2020


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Location   Last Modified 
Choate, Thomas "Squire" 
b. Bef 1745  North of Goose Creek, Lunenburg Co, VA  24 Mar 2020
Okrey Acree Dose, Anna F. or P. 
b. 1811  Wayne Co, KY  24 Mar 2020
Choate, Jo Ann 
b. 16 Oct 1850  KY  24 Mar 2020
Choate, Evaline 
b. 8 May 1854  Wayne Co, KY  24 Mar 2020
Choate, Amos B 
b. 12 Dec 1854  Wayne KY  24 Mar 2020
Choate, Elvira 
b. 13 May 1854  KY  24 Mar 2020
Hix "Hicks", Leodicia 
b. 29 Nov 1812  KY  24 Mar 2020
Choate, Sally (Sarah) Ellen 
b. 1843   24 Mar 2020
Choate, Gabriel 
b. 1773   23 Mar 2020
Choate, B.G. 
   22 Mar 2020

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
 I753  John Rufus Choate  I2213  Emma Dee Lee  6 Jan 1886  13 Mar 2020
 I329  Sanders Choate  I506  Eliza Childress  Abt 1855  13 Mar 2020
 I1225  George Tillman Choate  I3321  Rhoda Phillips  18 Jan 1891  13 Mar 2020
 I2395  M.  I2397  K. Potpa    13 Mar 2020
 I2161  Louis Montigny  I2163  Catherine Girard    13 Mar 2020
 I67  Richard Choate  I89  Nancy Anderson  Abt 1742  10 Mar 2020
 I1885  John H Truitt "Truett"  I35  Sarah Jane Choate (m.Truitt)  12 Jan 1873  9 Mar 2020
 I31  Capt William Thomas Choate  I32  Martha Fender, (m.Choate/Willey)  3 Apr 1851  8 Mar 2020
 I307  Hayward Letcher Choate  I1823  Elizabeth "Bettie" Jennings    8 Mar 2020
 I3660  John Kyle Choate  I3661  Clyde Marie Edwards    8 Mar 2020