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Choate Conundrum - The 1765-1865 Families

The largest challenge in compiling one's Choate genealogy is the determining the families of the fourth, fifth, and sixth generations of Christopher [b.1642] descendants (i.e., children born between ~1740 and ~1870). This is the time period with the greatest number internet propagated errors. It is the area of research that requires significantly more documentation.
Broken Twigs and Leaves (XTAL)

Our tree has many Broken Twigs and Leaves (XTAL). My original database has about 1,200 pre-1865 male descendants of Christopher [1642] who arrived in Maryland in 1676. More than half of these are part of the current web tree. The unconnected half (Broken twigs and leaves - XTAL) are slowly being entered into the web database. The web database includes an extra middle name (i.e., XTAL) for these individuals so that these unconnected cousins can be more easily identified and hopefully grafted back on to the Tree. These XTALs also have a 0 PCA (Parent Certainty Assessment). Some individuals (twigs) have known spouses, children, etc... These spouses, children, etc... do not contain the additional middle name. If you have information on any XTALs or Choates that you can't find in this database PLEASE send your data to

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