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Choate Conundrum - The 1765-1865 Families

The largest challenge in compiling one's Choate genealogy is the determining the families of the fourth, fifth, and sixth generations of Christopher [b.1642] descendants (i.e., children born between ~1740 and ~1870). This is the time period with the greatest number internet propagated errors. It is the area of research that requires significantly more documentation. Under the features tab on the home page you will find "Choate Conundrum" which describes the issue and represents a beginning effort to connect the earliest southern Choate families.
Lost Parents - Broken Twigs and Leaves (XTAL)

Our tree has many Broken Twigs and Leaves (XTAL) were a parent has not been identified and no linage back to our tree and the first Southern Choate [Christopher b.1642] can be made. The website database includes "XTAL" in the person's name for nearly 200 individuals whose parents have not yet been identified. The list provided is with the hope that some researches will recognize these lost cousins and email information on which family they belong to. If you have information on any XTALs or Choates that you can't find in this database PLEASE send your data to

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