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101 1850 Census -District 2, Johnson, Illinois - Living with: mother Margaret 1806 KY, Absolom H 1830 IL, Silas 1832 IL, William 1836 IL, Jane 1838 IL, Margaret 1841 IL Choate, Nicholas C (I502)
102 1850 Census -District 2, Johnson, Illinois - Living with: mother Margaret 1806 KY, Silas 1832 IL, Nicholas 1834 IL, William 1836 IL, Jane 1838 IL, Margaret 1841 IL Choate, Absalom Hooper (I660)
103 1850 CENSUS -Leon Division, Leon County, Texas - Stokeley 1800 TN, and John C 1841 MS. Living with John Tremble age 21 IL and Jane (daughter) 1830 TN

1840 Census Tishomingo MS Stokely Choate
1 15<20
1 30<40
2f <5
2f 5<10
1f 10<15
1f 30<40
Choate, Stokley D (I521)
104 1850 Census -Northern Division District 4, Tishomingo, Mississippi - Living with Mary Piles age 65 and Nancy Piles age 21 Choate, Aaron (I225)
105 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Choate, E.X. (I1620)
106 1850 Census District 10 Jackson TN
Modder Shoot 34 TN farmer (Census looks like Shoat)
Lucinda 29 NC
Jacob 10 TN
Nancy 8 TN
Sarah 6 TN
Curtis 3 TN
John 4 TN
Elander Lapock 75

1860 Census district 15 Putnam TN
Meadow Shoate 37 TN Farmer
Susan 31 NC
John 13 TN
Curtis 12 TN
Taylor 10 TN
Joseph 8 TN
Nathan 7 TN
Elizabet 6 TN
George 3 TN
Spencer 1 TN 
Choate, Curtis Meader XTAL (I3504)
107 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Choat, Y.X. (I1663)
108 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Choate, C. XTAL (I1642)
109 1850 Census Harris TX
David 35 LA
Mary 17 LA
and Ophelia Dalton age 7 born TX

from Findagrave:
David Choate, Jr.
A San Jacinto Veteran
By W. T. Block
One of the saddest facts of Southeast Texas history is that there are four or more veterans of the Battle of San Jacinto, whose graves are unmarked with a headstone or Texas State historical marker, or whose actual burial sites are unknown. Sixteen-year-old Michael Peveto was sick during the battle, and he was discharged. Three weeks later he died; and is buried near Nome, but his actual grave site is lost. Michael J. Brake, whose musket broke during the battle, forcing him to pick up one off the ground, lived near Magnolia Cemetery and the bayou which still bears his name, but his grave location is unknown. David Choate, Jr., the subject of this treatise, is buried in Leatherwood Cemetery at Loeb, Hardin County, near the banks of Pine Island Bayou, but there is no Texas State marker at his grave.

David Choate, Jr., was born in 1811 in Louisiana, the son of David Choate, Sr., (1784-1845) and Sarah A. M. Choate. He was probably born near Zwolle, LA, for his father moved his family to that vicinity prior to 1818. In 1831 David Choate, Sr., moved his family to Texas, where on Oct. 27, 1834 he obtained a Mexican league of land (4,428 acres) on Pine Island Bayou.1

David Choate, Jr., had five siblings, as follows: Thomas Jefferson, John, Edmond; Susan, who married Stephen Jackson (also a soldier in Capt. Logans' company, but not a participant in the Battle of San Jacinto); and (according to Carol Whittington and George W. Glass), Sarah Choate Martin, who married Valentine T. Dalton in Houston in 1844. Three of the children, David, John and Edmond, also received quarter-league (1,107 acres) land grants, also along Pine Island Bayou. Thomas Jefferson Choate received a one-league grant in Harris County.2

Choate, Jr., joined a group of Beaumont volunteers under Capt. B. J. Harper about Mar. 4, 1836, and they immediately left for Liberty. Upon arrival on March 6th, Harper's companies and Franklin Hardin's company were combined with Capt. William Logan's company. On April 21, 1836, Capt. Logan's company fought at the Battle of San Jacinto, the third company, second regiment of Texas Volunteers, under Colonel Sidney Sherman.3

On May 25, 1838, David Choate, Jr., received Bounty Certificate No. 3577 for 320 acres of land. On May 28, 1838, he was awarded Donation Certificate No. 244 for 640 acres for having fought at the Battle of San Jacinto. On the reverse of his service record No. 7613, it is stated that Mr. Choate slaughtered cattle on East Bay for the troops stationed on Galveston Island from Oct. 29, 1836 until Jan. 8, 1837, for which he was due wages at the rate of $2.00 daily.4

Thereafter Choate identified himself in the Federal censuses as a farmer, but it known that he engaged in land speculation on a considerable scale as well. During the early 1840s, David Choate, Sr. and his wife moved to Harris County, presumably to the home of their son Thomas, and both of them died there in 1845. According to probate records, David and Thomas Choate were appointed executors of their estates.5 All of David Choate, Jr.'s military bounty and donation land grants were surveyed on Pine Island Bayou. Although one Choate descendent claims otherwise, the 1850 Harris County census enumerated him, at age 35, and Mary Choate, age 19, as farmers at res. 605-595, page 34a. There was also a 7-year-old girl, Ophelia Dalton, living in their household, who is believed to have been a blood relation.6

It is sheer speculation as to how long David Choate, Jr. lived in Harris County; it may have been as little as 2 years, or much longer, and apparently he was farming on his brother's land grant. At any rate, on Dec. 4, 1849, he married Mary Coon at Conroe, Montgomery County, and the couple had no children of their own.7

After his return to Pine Island Bayou during the early 1850s, Choate founded the town of Concord on the north shore of the bayou and many miles from the Neches River. By 1860 Concord was probably the largest town in Hardin County, and the only town between Beaumont and Woodville that lay on the stagecoach route.

Nearly all that is known about Concord was published in a "Letter from Hal" (H. R. Green), dated Nov. 9, 1859, and published in the Galveston Weekly News. Green visited Concord aboard the steamer Mary Falvey to load cotton, and he noted that "Father" Womack ran the Catfish Hotel, and that Hough and Bendy and Johnson and Co. were the principal business houses of the town.

"Cotton and freights are pouring in here in vast quantities...a hundred wagons may be seen here at one time... Everywhere land purchasers may be seen?heavy planters coming in with 50 to 100 Negroes, buying of all who will sell improved or unimproved lands and going to work with telling effect!" Green reported.8

In the 1860 Hardin County census David was enumerated at res. 94, age 47, farmer, with real estate worth $6,000 and personal property worth $250. Apparently Mary Choate lied to the census enumerator more than once, stating that she was 24 in 1860 and 39 in 1880.9

David deeded to the county the area on Pine Island Bayou now known as the Leatherwood or Loeb Cemetery. Before he died on Jan. 26, 1879, he sent to his friend, John Wood Davis in Beaumont, and exacted his promise to manage his estate and care for his widow Mary. His widow died on Nov. 13, 1909, and since she had no children, she left her property to Davis, who died on Aug. 10, 1911. All of them are buried side by side, with "...heavy chains fastened to large iron posts surround the graves..."

David Choate, Jr., in the style of the early American pioneer, shouldered his musket in time of war, and returned to his plow handles in time of peace. His life and course of action paralleled those of many others who were his contemporaries in Southeast Texas.  
Choate, David G. (I2220)
110 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Choate, J. XTAL (I3144)
111 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Choate, S. (I3609)
112 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Choate, S.G. XTAL (I3547)
113 1850 Census Northern Div Tishomingo MS
Veluntine Sloat 56 VA Farmer 100
Nancy 45 TN
Presley 24 TN
George W 21 TN
Martin 15 TN

1840 Census Robertson TN Valentine Choate
1 5 under 10
2 10 under 15
2 20 under 30
1 40 under 50
1f 10 under 15
1f 30 under 40
Note 2 households away is brother John H

1830 Census Robertson TN Valentine Shoat
1 under 5
2 5 under 10
1 10 under 15
1 15 under 20
1 30 under 40
1f 10 under 15
1f 30 under 40 
Choate, Valentine (I169)
114 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. F.X. (I1639)
115 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Choate, J. XTAL (I1678)
116 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F365
117 1850 Census Western District Ward 6, Vermillion, LA - Delila 1812 LA, Wesley 1839 LA, Julianne 1841 lA, and William 1849

1840 US Census Yalobusha MS - John J Chonte
1 5<10
1 10<15
1 15<20
1 40<50
1f 5<10
1f 10<15
1f 15<20 
Choate, John (I791)
118 1850 Census- District 11, Marion TN - Pleasant Choat 1826 TN, Sarah 1824 TN, Jefferson 1844 TN, and Joanny 1847 TN Choate, Pleasant (I1356)
119 1850 Census- District 11, Marion TN - Squire 1823 TN, Lisa 1826 AL, Nancy 1847 TN, Sarah 1849 TN, and Thos 1849 Choate, Squire (I1360)
120 1850 Census- District 13, McNairy TN -
Caswell 1812 TN,
Caroline 1820 TN,
Thomas 1842 TN,
Columbus 1843 TN,
Freacis 1845 f TN, and
Samuel 1850 TN
David 1832 TN,
Note: David is listed last and is 10 years older than the other children he is likely a nephew? 
Choate, Caswell (I1440)
121 1850 Census; District 20, Davidson, Tennessee; Roll: M432_875; Page: 358B; Image: 719 - SHOAT FAMILY:
Josiah (47),
Lucy (49),
Mary D (22),
James P (21),
Samuel C (16),
Andrew V (13),
Henry A (11),
Missouri A (8).
Josiah's brother, Powhatan, and family are 2 households away.

1830 Census Robertson TN - Josiah Shoat
1 under 5
1 20 under 30
1f 20 under 30 
Choate, Josiah (I178)
122 1850 State Census Pope Co, IL 3 Oct 1850
William Shoat 40 TN
Malisa 35 KY
John 13 TN
Nancy 11 IL
Thompson 9 IL
Riley 6 IL
Nicholas 2 IL 
Choate, William (I499)
123 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Choate (Shoat), W. XTAL (I3568)
124 1850 US Census Massac, IL
John P Choate 32
Penelope Choate 31
Isaac Choate 8
James Monroe 5
Barbary A Monroe 2
John Chapman 15
Martha Fortner 14
Thomas Choate 24 
Choate, John P (I512)
125 1850 US Census Robertson TN
Steph Cheat 36 TN
Samuel 10 TN
Thomas 9 TN
James 6 TN
Susan 3 TN

1840 Census Robertson TN Stephen (Stepto?) Choat
1 <5
1 20<30
1f <5
1f 20<30

Choate, Stephen Stepto (I180)
126 1850; Census Place: District 11, Robertson, Tennessee; Roll: M432_894; Page: 99A; Image: 195

1870; Census Place: District 5, Bledsoe, Tennessee; Roll: M593_1515; Page: 31B; Image: 67; Family History Library Film: 553014 Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2008.
Original data: Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002. Nashville, TN, USA: Tennessee State Library and Archives. Microfilm.

Name: Martha J Choat
Gender: Female
Marriage Date: 5 Jun 1844
Marriage Place: Robertson, Tennessee, USA
Spouse: Silas Tucker 
Choate, Martha Jane A (I182)
127 1850; Census Place: Southern Division, Tishomingo, Mississippi: Wife, Henrietta Jane is 24, Daughter, "Laura" Ophelia is 5 and Walter "Wallie" W is 3 on this record. Parents, John Hawkins & Lucinda Choate, and, Brother, Augustine M Choate (Physician), are 1 household away.
Family F510
128 1860 Census - District 4, Baltimore Co MD - Herod 1797 MD, Pernella 1805 MD, David 1841 MD, Mary Jane 1841 MD, Betty 1843 MD, and Ellen 1845 MD

1850 Census - District 1, Baltimore Co MD - Harold 1797 MD, Peisilla 1795 MD, Georgana 1831 MD, Mary J 1836 MD, Elizabeth 1838 MD, David 1841 MD, and Ellen 1845 MD Note: Jacob Tilman age 60 is living with them.

1840 Census -District 1, Baltimore Co MD - Herod Choat
1 20<30
1 40<50
2f <5
1f 5<10
1f 30<40
Slaves: 1m 35<55

--- NOTE: the text below is from: J.C. Phillips: Choate Family of Baltimore County, 1979. His entire genealogical work on Christopher's [b.1642] decedents who remained in Maryland is available above and in the Publication section of this website.

"HEROD, sixth child, second son of Richard and Jane Lowe Choate, was born at Cherry Hill October 25, 1796. His early youth was not uneventful. By 1810 disturbing incidents began, including blockade of the port of Baltimore by the British, leading to the war of 1812-14; his father died in November, 1813, and the estate was at once involved in litigation; in 18l4, with the British threatening Baltimore after their burning of Washington, he joined Captain Drucker's company and participated in its defense. The British Navy was repulsed, and Baltimore was spared a land attack. With the end oŁ war hostilities the litigation was revived and terminated in 1818 with appointment of Upton Heath as trustee of the real estate. By this time his older brother, Elias, and six of the girls were married. All of the property in his father's estate was taken over by the court-appointed trustee, and the economic situation was very bleak. Under these circumstances Jane, the mother, Herod age 21, David age 14, Jesse Lowe age 12, and Harriett age 10, all setout to make a new life among their relatives in Simpson County, Kentucky.

By 1820 they had apparently settled in with relatives, for the 1820 census of Simpson County, Kentucky shows Herod Choate head of household including: males under 10, 1; 10-16, 2; 16-18, 1; Females under 10, 1; 10-16, 1; 26-45, 2; 45 & over, l. In the Fall of 1824 Herod came back to Reisterstown to marry Priscilla Harryman, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Wheeler Harryman, early settlers of that area. They were married November 2, 1824. (Harryman Bible record). They returned to Kentucky. It would seem, however, that life there soon had its problems. In July, 1824 James Miller entered suit at common law against H. Choat. (Simpson Circuit Ct. Clerks Officer Index to orders, Bundle 26). In April 1826 Michael Woods sued Herod Choat at common law. (above, Bundle 34)

Meanwhile, their first child, Jesse Columbus Choate, was born on August 4, 1825. With a law suit entered in 1824, a new baby a year later, and a second suit started in April 1826, it is clear the young couple had more than a handful of problems. The second suit apparently was the last straw, for shortly thereafter Herod, Priscilla and the baby, together with the mother, Jane, and youngest daughter Harriett, then about 18 years of age, pulled up stakes ,and started on the return trip to Maryland.

(Note: Herod Choate told my mother, his granddaughter, who spent much time with her grand parents that as he and the family turned into Cherry Hill Lane from the turnpike, they stopped under a large chestnut tree to change the baby before going on to the house). (NB) Deeds to Cherry Hill five times mention Chestnut trees as benchmarks). It is not known who was living at the Cherry Hill house at that time (1826) for the place had already been sold and the heirs of the purchaser and the trustee were engaged in litigation that lasted for ten 29 years. (See Robt. Conn, etal. Vs. James Conn, James Hall and Upton S. Heath, trustee, Balt. Cty. Chancery Ct., B 159, fol.337 -352, 1842) Herod and Priscilla passed Cherry Hill on their way to the house of his maternal grandparents, the Edw. Lowes, who lived about two miles further on.
They lived with them some eight or nine years.

By about 1835 Herod and Priscilla, with their two children, Jesse and Georgianna, had moved to a place with a substantial, stone and brick house about a mile southwest of Cherry Hill, on Delight Road. It was variously known as Valley Home and Glen Farm, either being appropriate. The house stood at the head of a valley or glen that gradually spread between two low ridges covered with pine trees. It was built into a bank, so that it appeared two stories and an attic from, the front but three stories from the back. Originally, it was two rooms on each floor with a chimney at each end. The two bottom rooms had dirt floors and huge open brick fireplaces where the cooking, baking and preserving were done. Later, additional rooms and a chimney were added to the east end, providing a root cellar for the basement and two bedrooms above. The timbers of the ceiling in the basement were hand-hewed solid logs. This was the house in which the Herod Choate family was raised.

Herod was a moderately tall man, spare of build, with a pleasant manner and quiet humor. A picture of Priscilla, taken when she was about seventy, shows a woman of clear-cut, delicate features, trim figure, poise and decided character. Herod's parents were Baptists, and Priscilla's Lutheran, but apparently religion in their lives was more. a matter of inheritance than dedication. Religious services were often held at their house; however, by any itinerant preacher who came along, frequently by Rev. Chick of Reisterstown. All of their children received as much education as local facilities afforded. They were a close knit family.

Priscilla died April 23, 1876, age 72; Herod died a year later, June 13, 1877, age 81. Both are buried in Trinity Lutheran Cemetery in Reisterstown, along with four of their children." 
Choate, Herod (I275)
129 1860 Census - Sulphur Spring, Polk Co, AR - Joseph P Choate 1816 TN, Polly Ann1818 TN, Wm P 1840 MS, James M 1843 TN, Franklin 1846 MS, Sarah 1848 TX, Richard 1850 AR, Hetty 1854 AR, Joseph S 1855 AR, John C 1858 AR, Francis M 1860 AR and Victoria F 1860 AR Note: there are two Sarahs in the census one listed directly under Wm. P. age 14 maybe his wife? Note: next Dwelling over is John D Choat and family (brother)

1850 Census - White, Pike Co AR - Peter J Choat 1816 TN, Polly 1819 TN, W T 1839 MS, Martha A 1841 AL, James M 1843 TN, Franklin 1845 MS, and Elizabeth 1848 TN Note: next Dwelling over is John D Choat and family (brother) 
Choate, Peter Joseph (Joseph Peter) (I1039)
130 1860 Census - ?

1850 Census - Western District Ward 7, Vermillion Parish LA - David Choat 1817 LA, Domicilo LaPoint 1820, David 1840 LA, Joseph 1842 LA, Isaac 1844 LA, Louisa 1845 LA, Austin 1847 LA , and Ellen 1850 LA 
Choate, David (I795)
131 1860 Census - Austin is living with his son John.

1850 Census - District 12 Jackson TN -
Austin 1786 TN,
John 1815 TN,
Polly 1828 TN (john's wife), and
Patience 1839 TN.
Living with them is Isaac McColum age 55 VA shoe maker and Nancy age 37 TN.

1840 Census of Jackson TN
1m 15-20 (Edward 18)
2m 20-30
1m 50-60 (Austin 54)
1f <5
2f 20-30
1f 50-60

1830 Census of Jackson TN
1m 5-10 (Edward 8)
3m 10-15 (Austin "Bulger" 15
1m 40-50 (Austin 44)
2f 15-20
1f 20-30
1f 40-50 (Naomi 40)

1820 Census of Jackson TN
4m <10 (Austin "Bulger" 5, ?, ?, and ?)
1m 10-16 (John 12 and/or Thomas 15?)
1m 26-45 (Austin 34)
3f 10-16 (Elizabeth 18, Sarah 16, Rachael 15)
1f 26-45 (Naomi 30) 
Choate, Austin (I127)
132 1860 Census - Beat & Shelby TX - David 1831 TN, R M 1831 TN, A M 1851 TX, S E 1853 TX, M J 1855 TX, M D 1857 TX, and S E 1859 TX

1850 Census - Shelby, Texas - living with father Redmon 1799 TN and mother Sary 1810 KY, Squire 1829 TN, Alexander 1830 TN, David 1832 TN, Joseph 1835 TN, Elizabeth 1837 TX, Margarett 1838 TX, James 1841 TX,Susan 1842 TX, Sary 1844 TX, Andrew B 1847 TX 
Choate, David McKenzie (I727)
133 1860 Census - Beat 3, Henderson Co TX -
Champion 1805 TN,
Ann 1812 KY,
Eliza 1839 AR,
Christopher 1842 TX,
Elvira 1844 TX,
Marion 1846 TX,
John 1849 TX,
William 1851 TX, and
Amandy 1853 TX

1850 Census Henderson TX
C Shoat 44 TN
Ana Shoat 39 KY
Elisabeth Shoat 17 TN
Vade Shoat 15 AR
Mary Shoat 13 AR
Eliza Shoat 12 AR
Christoper Shoat 9 TX
Elvira Shoat 7 TX
Marion Shoat 5 TX
John H Shoat 2 TX

1840 Location unknown - probably AR

1830 Census McNairy Co TN - Champion Choat
1 m 20 & <30 -
1 f 15 & <20 
Choate, Champion (I161)
134 1860 Census - Beat 7 Harrison TX - Ash Spring PO dwelling 103 family 110
O Choat 36 M TN Farmer real estate $1847 personal $1689
J.A 33 F TN
PH 16 M TN
BL 14 F TN
TJ 12 M TX
MR 12 M TX
S Cowin 23 M TN farm labor
M Goodridge 33 M MI farm labor
J Crow 9 M SC

1850 Census Harrison Co TX p.91 family 683
A Shoat 26 M TN farmer real estate 640,
J A 24 F TN,
O H 8 M TN,
B L 6 F TN,
J M 2 M TX, and
P J 2 M TX.

Cousin Shawn_58 has indicated the Parents of Austin (I1285) and his second wife (email Oct27 2015)

from findagrave :

"in 1878, Clarissa married Austin Choat(e) and they lived for several years on the Choate farm on the Hynson Springs Road, south of Nesbitt, Texas, northwest of Marshall.

On the 1880 Harrison County census, Austin Choat and wife, Jane, age 45, are found in Household 426/4555 with his daughter, Louisa, John Porter, Alice, age 12, and a child, John, age 9. ("John" is likely a clerical census error, as Alice's brother was actually Oscar Orba Owens.) " 
Choate, Austin (I2825)
135 1860 Census - District 1 Fentress Co TN - Jacob 1830 TN, Sarah 1825 KY, Margaret 1830 KY (domestic), Sabern 1850 TN, Sarah 1853 TN, and George 1855 TN Note : Mary Beaty is living with them

1850 Census - District 2 Fentress Co T N - Jab 1826 TN and Sarah 1825 TN

Choate, Jacob (I135)
136 1860 Census - District 1 McMinn TN - John 1838 TN, Barbara 1840 TN, and John 1859 TN Choate, John Andrew (I642)
137 1860 Census - District 1, McMinn TN - Elias 1826 TN, Elizabeth 1826 TN, Mary Jane 1847 TN, Wm J 1851 TN, Thomas J/H 1854 TN, Elias D 1856 TN, and Wilson Patty 1859 TN

1850 Census - District 4, Monroe TN - Elias 1826 TN, Elizabeth 1828 TN, and Mary 1847 TN 
Choate, Elias William (I647)
138 1860 Census - District 1, Putnam TN - Austin Choat 1817 TN, Mary 1821 TN, John 1839 TN, Austin 1841 TN, Margaret 1845 TN, William 1846 TN, Christopher 1849 TN, Josephine 1850 TN, Russel 1852 TN, Naomi 1855 TN and Lewis 1858

1850 Census - District 12, Jackson TN - Austin Choat 1816 TN, Polly 1824 TN, John 1838 TN, Austin 1840 TN, Margaret 1843 TN, William 1846 TN, and Christopher 1849 TN 
Choate, Austin "Bulger" (I151)
139 1860 Census - District 1, Wayne Co TN - Litle Choat 1807 TN, Louisa 1811 TN, John W 1840 TN merchant clerk, Virginia 1843 TN, and Artlew 1850 TN

1850 Census - District 14, Wayne Co TN - Litta Choat 1807 TN, Luisa 1812 TN, Wesley 1839 TN, Ophelia 1841 TN, and Arther 1850 TN

1840 US Census Wayne TN Little Chant
1 <5
1 20<30
1 30<40
1f 20<30 
Choate, Little (I119)
140 1860 Census - District 12 Robertson TN - Hawkins Choat 1802 TN, Mary 1807 TN, S T 1841 TN, R L D 1846 TN, and F L 1849 TN

1850 Census - District 12 Robertson TN - Hawkins Choat 1803 TN, Mary 1813 TN, Angelina 1826 TN, Mary A 1830 TN, Cynthia J 1832 TN, Samuel E 1834, Isabella 1836 TN, Sabria T 1838 TN, Ellen 1840 TN, Robert 1842 TN, and Fredonia 1844 TN

1840 Census - Robertson TN Hawkus Choate
1 5<10
1 30<40
1f <5
2f 5<10
2f 10<15
1f 15<20
1f 30<40

1830 Census - Robertson TN - Hawkins Shoat: M20<30=1, F<5=1,F5<10=2, F20<30=1, No Slaves Note: Brother Edward four households away. 
Choate, Hawkins (I1367)
141 1860 Census - District 12, Robertson TN -
Edward 1805 TN,
Nancy 1795 NC,
S W 1838 m TN,
Sarilda 1841 TN, and
Albert 1843 TN

family seems mixed up may have siblings children living with them?

1850 Census - District 12, Robertson TN -
Edward 44 TN Farmer
Nancy 50 TN
Sarah 19 TN
Priscilla 15 TN
Squire 3 TN
Rildy 12 f TN
Albert 7 TN

1830 Census - Robertson TN Col Choat
1 <5
1 30<40
1f <5
2f 5<10
1f 40<50
1f 60<70

1830 Census - Robertson TN - Edwad Shoat: M20<30=1, f20<30=1, No Slaves Note: Brother Hawkins 4 households away. 
Choate, Edward "Ned" (I1372)
142 1860 Census - District 12, Robertson TN - Phoebe 1815 TN, Peter 1834 TN, Jackson 1836 TN, Wm 1837 TN, Louisa 1838 TN, Tillford 1844 TN, and A M 1851 TN

1850 United States Federal Census, District 12, Robertson County, Tennessee, USA:
Martin 35 TN Farmer 400
Phebe (Dorris) 35 TN
Valentine 16 TN
Jackson 16 TN
William 13 TNLevincia 10 TN
James 8 TN
Note: 3 households away from Hawkins and Mary Choate.

1840 Census - Robertson TN pg 85 - Martin Choat (3m<5),(1m20<30),(1f<5),(1f5<10)and (1f20<30)
Note:next household down is Col Choate (1m<5),1m30<40),(1f<5),(2f5<10), (1f 40<50), and (1f60<70)
Note: 23 households above is Powhatten Choate (1m30<40), (1f<5), (1f5<10),and (1f30<40)  
Choate, Martin (I1371)
143 1860 Census - District 14, Maury Co TN - Martha 1814 NC, S J 1837 TN, E D 1842 TN, R P 1844 TN, N A 1845 TN, J P 1846 TN, P H 1848 TN, H A 1850 TN and R C 1852 TN

1850 Census - District 14, Maury Co TN - Joseph 1807 TN, Martha 1815 NC, S J 1836 TN, Redmond P 1838 TN, Walter B 1840 TN, Edward L 1841, R P 1844 TN, N A 1845 TN, J P 1847 TN, and Patrick H 1848 TN plus in the same dwelling Squire 1771 NC (father), Susannah 1794 KY (sister?) and a P Kirkham 1984 (parent-in-law).

1840 Census Maury TN Joseph C Choate
1 <5
1 5<10
1 20<30
1f <5
1f 5<10
1f 20<30 
Choate, Joseph Caswell (I216)
144 1860 Census - District 2 Fentress Co TN - Gabriel Choate 1816 TN, Melinda 1820 TN, Margaret 1837 TN, Nancy 1843 TN, Elizabeth 1845 TN, Delilah 1847 TN, Samuel 1850 TN, Sarah 1853 TN and Mary 1856 TN

1850 Census - District 2 Fentress Co TN - Gabriel Choat 1815 TN, Linda 1815 TN, Margaret 1838 TN, Adam 1839 TN, Nancy 1841 TN, Betsy 1844 TN, Delila 1848 TN, and Samuel 1849 TN

1840 Census Fentress TN - Gabriel Choat
1 <5
1 20<30
1f <5
1f 20<30
Choate, Gabriel (I422)
145 1860 Census - District 2, Baltimore MD - Richard 1805 MD, Ann I 1805 MD, Mary E 1841 MD, Edward T W 1842 MD, Georgeanna 1844 MD, and Pierce 1844 MD

1850 Census - District 1, Baltimore MD - Richard 1805 MD, Ann J 1805 MD, Mary E 1841 MD, Edward 1843 MD, Richard P 1845 MD, and Georgeanna 1845 MD

--- NOTE: the text below is from: J.C. Phillips: Choate Family of Baltimore County, 1979. His entire genealogical work on Christopher's [b.1642] decedents who remained in Maryland is available above and in the Publication section of this website.
"Baltimore County map of 1850 shows them living some distance west of the Marriottsville road across the valley from Odell's Mill. A few years later they bought about 150 acres and a large stone house on the Liberty road west of Randallstown that was originally used as a tavern or "ordinary". For some years after the gold strike in California in 1849 it was a stopping place for gold seekers headed west. The house is in excellent condition today. (1979)" 
Choate, Richard (I1393)
146 1860 Census - District 3 Wayne TN - Sarah 1820 TN, Minas V 1840 TN, George F 1845 TN, Jackson 1849 TN, William 1851 TN, Charles B 1854 TN, and Louisa 1856 TN

1850 Census - District 3 Wayne TN - Sampson 1814 TN, Sarah 1813 TN, Van Buron 1840 TN, Geo 1845 TN, Jackson 1848 TN, and Jane 1850 TN

Wayne Co., TN Wills, Inventories & Settlements, Vol. O, 1848-1857, P. 404
Simpson Choat, Dec'd Will. State of Tennessee, Wayne County. We, Richard N. Whittaker, James M. Smith and William L. Bromley Citizens of said County do hereby declaire that Simpson Choat who is now dead, late at his dwelling house in said County in his last illness on the 6th day of May, 1856 called on us to notice that it was his will that his tract of land, negroes, horses and cattle necessary for the use of the plantation together with his hogs and sheep, household and kitchen furniture and farming implements be given to his wife Sarah and his children to be kept on the plantation for the use and benefit of his said wife and children until the arrival at lawful age of his said children and that each child on arriving at lawful age have his proportional part of said estate. He stated further that it was his will that his waggon his gray Nick filly and such of his cattle as may not be necessary on the plantation should be shold and the proceeds thereof together with such other moneys which may come into the hands of his executors after paying his debts be put out at interest for the schooling of his children. He further stated that he left and appointed John L. Burns his executor to execute this his Last Will. The said Simpson Choat departed this life on the 17th day of May 1856. Witness our hands this 20th day of May 1856. Richard N. Whitaker, J. M. Smith, W. L. Bromley Duly proven in open court July Term 1856. Willima Jones, Clerk 
Choate, Simpson (I117)
147 1860 Census - District 4, Fentress Co TN - Thomas 1807 NC, Mary 1810 TN, John 1835 TN, Austin 1837 TN, Louisa 1842 TN, Sabie 1844 TN, Amanda 1847 TN, George 1849 TN, and Benjimin 1855 TN

1850 Census - District 2 Fentress TN - Thos Choat 1811 NC, Polly 1814 TN, Hamilton 1830 TN, Tilda 1832 TN, John 1835 TN, Ant 1837 TN, Nell 1840 m TN, Carline 1842 TN, Louisa 1844 TN, Zebedee 1846 TN,Geo 1848 TN, and Amanada 1849 TN

1840 Census - Fentress TN - Thos Choate
2 <5
2 5<10
1 30<40
1f <5
1f 5<10
1f 30<40 
Choate, Thomas (I419)
148 1860 Census - District 7 Humphreys TN - Sketton Shote 1785 VA, Mary 1795, Mary Ann 1824, Gideon 1830, Milly 1836, Shelton 1838 and Thomas 1840

1850 Census - Humphreys TN - Shelton Choat 1786 VA, Mary 1797 TN, Marianne 1823 TN, Sarah 1826 TN, Gideon 1829 TN, Mima 1831 TN, John 1833 TN, Milly 1836 TN, and Shelton 1837 TN

1840 Census, District 7, Humphreys, TN
1m <5 Skelton
1m 5-9 John
2m 10-14 Gideon, ??
1m 50-59 Skelton
1f <5 Milly
1f 5-9 Mima
2f 15-19 Mary Ann, Sarah
2f 20-29 ??, ??
1f 40-49 Mary

1836 Tax list Humphreys TN
Skelton Choate 50 acres, 1poll and nearby is Peter Choat 118 acres 1 poll

1835 Tax list Dickson TN
Skelton Choate 50 acres, 1poll and nearby is Peter Choat

1831 Tax list Dickson TN Skelton Choate 50 acres

1830 Census Dickson TN
2m <5 Gideon
1m 10-14 ??
1m 15-19 Edward Hawkins
1m 40-49 Sketton Chole
2f 5-9 Mary Ann, Sarah
2f 10-14 ??, ??
1f 15-19 ??
1f 30-39 Mary

Choate, Skelton (I920)
149 1860 Census - District 8 Lawrence TN - Richard Choat 1797 TN, Martha W 1807 TN, Mary 1834 TN, Marion 1843 m TN, Sarah L 1845 TN and Rosannah 1852 TN

1850 Census - District 8 Lawrence TN - Richard Choat 1798 TN, Martha 1808 TN, Thos J 1832 TN, Mary F 1833 TN, Casy E 1836 TN, Nancy E 1837 TN, and Frances M 1843 TN

1840 Census Lawrence Co TN Richard Charls
3? 10<15
1 40<50
2f <5
1f 5<10
1f 30<40 
Choate, Richard (I548)
150 1860 Census - Humphreys TN - Peter Choate 1813 TN, Elizabeth/Betsy 1813, Dillard 1837, John 1839, Rufus 1842, Reddick 1847, and Joseph 1851

1850 Census - Humphreys TN - Peter Shote 1813 TN, Elizabeth 1815 TN, Lucretia 1837 TN, Dillard 1838 TN, John 1841 TN, Rufus 1842 TN, Eleanor 1845 TN, Reddick 1848 TN and Mary 1850 TN 
Choate, Peter (I835)

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